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Architectural design

A twist on classic architecture

At first glance, you the structure looks more like a traditional villa. This is how the Luxury Antonovich Design company intends how the viewers look at the architecture. This architectural design style is a modern luxury with elements of classical and contemporary details. This is a nice model that is situated in the city: It is designed and executed to connect the traditional and modern architecture. The outline of the house with a neat layout is a perfect example of how a home design should look like. Classic architecture layout not only follows the heritage and traditional aspects but also follows the lifestyle of the homeowner. The Luxury Antonovich Design maintains a very high standard of construction excellence. These architectural design by the firm sets their designs apart from other modern buildings, with their amazing and professional design features from past and modern designs. 

Design Professionally

The colors, textures and other intricate work reflects a typical house. The purpose of the cohesive design is to intricately work on the exterior architecture which has amenities for a comfortable living space. The overall design enhances the values of a traditional structure while adding modern value to the design. 

  • Urban Design: These home architectural designs are based on traditional with a modern twist. The common areas are consists of huge spaces, especially for the upper-class neighborhood.
  • Entrance Design: The main gate which is where the cars enter, more like a driveway and the other is the front door. These entrances are very much different but they have the same impact on your home. 
  • Landscape: Green spaces on your house is used to add a great sensual feeling to sight. It creates a nice warmth and harmonious effect to your house architectural design. 
  • Layout: When designing a house architecture it should have an amazing and equal layout which you can divide the spaces into different areas. 
  • Dining: It is a nice feeling to feast in a nice and well-lit dining area. Consider putting a huge window to make sure that natural lighting comes in. The decor is simple but it has an impact. 
  • Facade: Making sure that all materials are durable and can take up the heat and the cool of any weather. It is important to enhance the face of your home. 

These are different characteristics of an architectural design that will never go out of style. Timelessness and elegance which exudes in an effortless beauty. The Luxury Antonovich Design is a firm that will build you an amazing architectural designed home. 

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