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Perfectly Kitchen Interior

Kitchen interior design from studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a luxury image and perfectly organized space. Kitchen design always combines functionality, ergonomics and comfortable features. The interior design in classical style becomes an excellent way to reflect the respectability of homeowners and their impeccable taste. The kitchen design is full of exquisite details, which generally form solid and aesthetically perfect interior image. The interior gives a sense of aesthetic pleasure. Every detail captivates. Carved pattern on the kitchen splashback made of natural marble admirably reflects the curls of carved decoration on kitchen furniture. The ceiling design in the kitchen interior ideally suits to classical traditions. Fancy chandelier looks great surrounded by swirls of stucco decoration. The ceiling around the perimeter is outlined by exquisite moldings with gilded fragments. Ivory kitchen furniture inlaid with carved lace decoration, which is partially covered with gold leaf. On concise marble floor in the dining area furniture looks magnificently. High soft chairs with noble backs are decorated with carved decor. A large dining table is encrusted with different varieties of precious wood, carved and gilt ornaments. The window is decorated with a charming shade of precious silk.

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