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Luxury Kitchen in Classical Style

Kitchen design in classical style harmoniously continues expressive and beautiful image of the villa interior. Villa design Dubai is a luxury with a touch of respectability and a slight romantic mood. The space of the kitchen and dining area is a single entity. One of the main emphases of interior luxury and respectability became elite furniture. Furniture made of wood, which is painted in milky-white color, exquisitely inlaid with carved decor. Fragments of carved decoration are covered with gold leaf, making the interior especially luxurious. Interior designers Dubai repeated motives of carved decoration in carved marble ornaments on the floor and in the kitchen splashback|. This technique makes the kitchen interior harmonious and complete. Floor design in invariably luxurious interiors from design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design is an excellent way to zone the space. Interior Designers Dubai use marble of different shades and patterns that define the boundaries of the interior zones. Ceiling design in this project became a uniting point. The ceiling is decorated with elegant classical chandelier, which complements the stylish line of LED backlight. Bright and juicy accent in the kitchen interior design became curtains. Gorgeous silk of emerald color looks very bright at the background of ivory kitchen furniture.

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