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Kitchen in the Style of Neoclassicism Dubai

Interior design in the style of neoclassicism has elegant and refined character. Each author's project of Luxury Antonovich Design studio accurately adjusts dreams and wishes of customers. And the apartment interior design is a reflection of the refined taste of the hostess of the apartment. To develop the kitchen project Dubai interior designers came up with a special attention. Interior sets a nice romantic mood. In the apartment dining area and kitchen itself directly are harmoniously integrated. Interior designers masterfully combined interior characteristics such as the warmth of home comfort and functionality. As the basis of the project authors have taken a bright range of shades that visually expands the space of the interior. Ceiling design is marked by laconism. The snow-white surface of the ceiling in the center is decorated with elegant chandelier in classical style. And interior lighting is completed with ceiling lights around the perimeter of the ceiling and line of LED backlight. For window decoration interior designers offered a luxurious translucent pink silk. Upholstered chairs with high backs are in perfect harmony with it. Noble marble countertops and flooring decor serve as a stylish interior decoration and practical point in the functioning of space.


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