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Kitchen Interior with Refined Character

Kitchen interior design in this project has an unusually gentle and refined character. The villa design Abu Dhabi very clearly demonstrates how unique and beautiful a modern classics can be. As befits a modern luxurious interior, where comfort is raised to an unprecedented height, in this project a spacious bathroom with a large area is ​​not less luxurious than the dining room. The basis of the expressive image of a kitchen is the kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinets made of wood, which is painted white, encrusted with elements of carved decoration with gold. Work surfaces of precious marble fulfill both practical and aesthetic function. Kitchen interior design is not inferior to the luxurious decoration of the rest of the apartment. This applies to the floors design, the ceiling design and window decorations. The floor is decorated with exquisite carved decor of dark marble. Curls pattern are partially repeated in the kitchen splashback. Curtains gave bright and juicy accents for the kitchen interior. Velvet of pleasant pink color is complemented with exquisite finishing details and accessories. Another highlight in this project of a kitchen became accents of blue LED backlighting. The interior design is full of romantic charm and gentle warmth of home comfort features.


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