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Luxury Kitchen Design

The interior design of the kitchen in a classical style has become a real gem in the decoration of a luxury villa. A spacious premise on the first floor contains a beautiful kitchen and dining area. To zoning space, interior designers exquisitely using ceiling decor.The ceiling was decorated with two square niches, which are framed by a beautiful openwork ornament with illumination. And the center of each of the zones defined by two elegant crystal chandeliers, which are visually reflected in each other. The interior design of the dining - kitchen in the classical style is full of luxurious decor elements. Floors from natural marble are decorated with ornate curls of carved decor of marble  several kinds. This is a luxury that is comparable to the royal palace. The classical style is quite harmoniously combined with modern kitchen appliances and new methods of lighting. The design of the classic kitchen, as like any interior in this style, has its own luxurious features.Here, actively uses stucco decor, beautiful furniture with carved decor and gilding, as well as an exquisite decor of the walls.Examples of kitchens design, that are presented on our website, are always unique developments of the talented designers the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio.The design of the kitchen-dining room in the house is always a source of comfort and joy, both for the owners of the house and for their guests. Such interiors fully express the warmth and hospitality of the owners of the house.Beautiful decorations to speak of high status and great taste. The design of the kitchen with the dining room fits perfectly into the overall space of the house. Order a design project of the kitchen in our studio, it means you getting the best solutions that will be unique in its beauty.


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