It is always very interesting to work with large areas of space, especially if it concerns such a direction as kitchen design. Since, as a rule, for this part of the interior of a house or apartment is not allocated the largest area. But in this project, all is conceived quite the opposite. For the country mansion's kitchen interior was allocated a large space with high ceilings. The designers use much creativity and improvisation when working with a large area. In this version, the studio Luxury Antonovich Design's designers improvised with the motives of the classic style. The high ceiling as one of the big pluses of the interior was decorated with interesting decor in the form of a niche in the form of a flower with graceful curls of stucco decoration, which are neatly covered with gilding. In the center, this visual flower is adorned with a massive crystal chandelier with magnificent pendants. But to make the interior even more bright and elegant, the project authors use additional ceiling lights and soft LED lighting throughout the perimeter of the ceiling. The wide stucco molding with magnificent decor outlines luxurious ceiling. Kitchen furniture has become part of the decor of the walls, literally merging with this luxurious space. Designers use one pleasant shade of muted creamy. A light palette of the interior contributes to visually increase of luxury kitchen. Also, soft backlighting decorated the cabinets with utensils. Soft furniture and a table-top made of blue marble are the bright accents of the interior. 

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