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Villas Exterior Design in Dubai

The façade design from the design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a luxurious decor, followed by a continuation in the form of a magnificent interior. The art of interior of designers is the ability to combine interior and exterior design in such a way as to achieve absolute harmony. The façade design combines modern classics and enchanting notes of oriental style. The flat structure of the building, which has a one-story structure was the highlight of this luxurious project. Interior Designers Dubai create a lush and graceful appearance of the building using decorative elements such as balustrades, decorative vases, pilasters, columns and carved decoration. The entrance portal of the building is decorated with a large outdoor terrace with arched roof. Arches completed graceful columns with stucco capitals. This design is crowned with a triangular pediment with exquisite bas-relief. Villa exterior design perfectly reflects the high status of the owner and their great taste. The whole villa design in Dubai reflects the perfect combination of traditional architecture and innovative ideas of designers. The vila facade design differs with aesthetic perfection and harmony. The front pediment is followed by small decorative gables above each window. In this way the interior designers visually lengthened the window, making the appearance of the building more sublime and graceful. Slight accent of oriental style became bas-relief with the corresponding ornaments. Villa design Dubai is a comprehensive approach that included interior design, exterior design and landscaping.

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