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The architectural design of the house in the bungalow impresses with its original plasticity of the building. The architects of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design combined the minimalism of the eco-style and the motives of the bungalow to create a real oasis that radiates natural warmth. The character of the owners of an elite villa fully expressed by an interesting facade of the house. Some asymmetry of the building allows to give it an exclusive and unique charm. The game of light and shade is achieved with the help of different volumes and shape geometry. At different times of the day, the facade of the building looks different, filling with a deep sense of oneness with the surrounding landscape. Using the sources of outdoor lighting, the authors of the project achieve a certain pictoriality of the facade in the dark. The architectural design of the house in the bungalow style carries a certain philosophical meaning. Here the authors of the project skillfully combined the pristine nature and the latest technologies. An interesting solution was the peculiar concrete fence surrounding the whole area of the plot, which seems to embrace the garden, the house, and the pool. In turn, it is surrounded by greenery. For an ideal project, the studio always offers its customers a complete solution for architectural design and landscape design. As the facade materials, the authors of the architectural project very harmoniously combine natural wood, concrete, and masonry of natural stone. A lot of open terraces with panoramic windows give the house an effect of lightness and romantic charm.

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