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Luxury Villa In Abu Dhabi

Luxury Villa in Abu Dhabi is a great attraction of the city. The owners of the exterior house design are the real owners of fine masterpiece of art. Exterior home design is just unique, attractive and interesting. A monumental, huge building of an impressive size is the cynosure of all eyes. An exquisite appearance welcomes pleasantly its hosts. Luxury exterior design in Abu Dhabi is thought out to the smallest detail, and this building was built for the true connoisseurs of art. An architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design adheres all construction technologies, conducts a supervision and put a facility into service on a turnkey basis. Therefore, designers and architects have invested only new ideas and used only a modern technology in exterior house design in Abu Dhabi. Exterior of the house looks beautiful with the kempt plot, in which the original polled shrubs are growing, an emerald lawn is pleasing the eye, and water from the fountains is splashing, as well as perfectly placed unique sculptures around the house. In order to admire the beauty of thought-out landscaping design in Abu Dhabi not only in the daytime, but also at night, our designers have thought over a unique lighting system. A perfect relaxation area in exterior house design in Abu Dhabi allows you to relax after a hard day. You will always get an energy boost, being in such environment. In order to tie all this beauty in the landscape ensemble, we have built sophisticated paths that are made from the natural stone. Luxury Villa in Abu Dhabi will not ignore an attention of guests and people passing by.


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