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Every Home Architectural Design has to be unique and Exclusive. As a designer, we strongly believe that every Home Architectural Design of every home represent s the image of the family. The Home Architecture is the process and the creation of planning, designing, and constructing the House Project. Architectural Home works, in the material form of structures, are often alleged as social symbols and as works of art. 


This Concrete and Tangible Architectural Home Design has been composed with very creative and symmetrical elevations. All the Windows and Doors along with the entire Exterior Materials has been proportionally installed. We have chosen a premium class of Windows glass and very unique design for the Main Door. We have installed natural local plants on every side of the Main entrance area. All the sides and areas of this House is perfectly perpendicular and accurately done. We have managed to install an outdoor grilling, a cooking area associated with a very comfortable sitting area where that family can enjoy the perfect bonding and can be a shisha place also. At the centre, we have created a wonderful water feature for a more relaxing experience. This area has been decorated with a native style wooden ceiling piece where we have installed the lightings as well. The family and visitors can also enjoy the very stylish circular sitting area that we have put up on another side of the landscape with a two matching fireplace decoration. Natural Greenish plants are surrounding the entire Landscape area embracing the coolness that it can bring for nature friendly atmosphere of the architectural Home design. A Huge glamorous window facing the outdoor sitting area has been installed, it would be the perfect view overlooking the backside landscape area. 


In every Home Architecture that we are creating, we are always making sure that it contains a special feature and design which is absolutely unique and Stylish. We always love to surprise every client for the decorations and set up that we could have done to make their home very special. This Architectural Home Design might look very simple on the first glace but once you have explored the area you will discover the amazing things and relaxing ideas that we have implemented and developed. Luxury Antonovich design and the Entire Architecture and Design Team will always bring out all the best and one of a kind Design for every Architectural Home. 

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