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It's not a secret that the classics always remains in trend and still is popular. And this applies not only to clothing or accessories, but also home exteriors and building facades. Currently, many owners choose for their homes an elegant classic performance from Luxury Antonovich Design, which looks truly luxurious and attractive.

The design of the exterior from Luxury Antonovich Design demonstrates the capabilities of its owner, social position, the idea of life. The design of the exterior of the house from by our experts is one of the most important factors that make up the idea of its owners and their taste. In order for the building to look the same as in the artist’s drawing or on computer visualization, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of the terrain: the proximity of water, reliefs, climatic conditions. That is why the exterior of a country house arises when the fantasy of the architect, the owners of the house and the real possibilities of nature and landscape combine.


The design of the facades and exterior of classic houses and cottages by Luxury Antonovich Design differs by its elegance and charm, which are not overloaded with elaborate and flashy elements, which too vividly demonstrate the pomp and richness of the dwelling. As for the architectural forms of such buildings, they, as a rule, are distinguished by simplicity and unobtrusive attractiveness. In the exterior of such buildings are used certain materials of different colors.

Simple, but attractive facades of private houses in classical style in no case can accept frankly cheap designs from polymeric materials, poor plastic and other similar options of artificial origin.

The most suitable are exteriors, in which there are component parts of such materials as:

— Natural stone.

— High quality brick.

— Natural wooden beam.

— In addition, the facades of classical buildings can be complemented by elegant forged details.

The classic style in the exterior by Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by the presence of balustrades, observation windows, balconies with carved fences, decorative grilles. Much attention is paid to the decor, it can be stucco with mythical and floral scenes, bas-reliefs, forged parts. The architectural solution is simple, concise, with the use of geometric forms, and there are certainly columns in exterior. And they can be both decorative and functional, for example, to support the roof of the terrace. Classic homes projected by Luxury Antonovich Design most often have a neutral and calm color scheme. It can be white, beige, cream, light peach, pale yellow or ivory hues.

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