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Best exterior design ideas



In every exterior design that we are creating, we are always inspired by the Client and the family which we are dealing with the project. We always make sure that they have a proper contribution of points and requirement to be able for us to feature the natural representation of the image of the family. As we strongly believe that each design of the house is representing the Family or the owner of the Project. Luxury Antonovich design is allowing every client to creatively share their points as we develop the project. We can say that the exterior design has the best creative ideas once we have achieved all the goals and standards of the project accordingly. It doesn’t matter the concept design that the client has been selected but the way that all the developments have been successfully accomplished. 



The main Entrance of this Project was indeed very welcoming by having a very spacious Landscape area in the front. In this case, we had a chance to put up the parking space in this area. On the other side of the front side is a very artistic and creative design of the fountain. The main door Design has been chosen to be classical style with gold carvings and linings. A very stylish glass window has been installed with a great balancing of sizes. We can immediately notice the Arabic touch of the Exterior design of the house. The best selection of concrete materials has been used for the roof and walls. The from landscape area has been completed by installing natural local plants and trees. Once you have reached the other part of the Landscape area, you will be amazed on how our team has been creative finishes the arrangement of the outdoor furniture’s, sculptures and colourful plants. This area was indeed the best place to bond, shisha place or relaxing seating area. A magnificent style of the swimming pool is on the other part of the landscape, it has been decorated with unique pieces of native swing chair and relaxing sunbathing chairs. Even on the back side of the house, we did not miss to design and decorate it very well as we have installed sculptures a high chair design sitting area and a very spacious landscaping design. 


We can proudly claim that this Exterior design is another work of art that has to be proud of. As our full forced team has been successfully implemented all the best solution to achieve the best ideas in creating this exterior design. No doubt that Luxury Antonovich Design is still the Top Architecture and Interior Design Company All over the world.  



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