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With the Great Leadership and Management of Katerina Antonovich and her very Creative and Artistic mind, It was always our great privilege to continue chasing all the success throughout our Projects, not only in the Local Market but also International. Intact we have recently involved with the high-end sets of the project in USA and Africa. We have gained multiple trusts and patronize from our clients in Nigeria as we have done several successful residential and commercial projects in the country. 

We are very Proud to present this wonderful Architectural Design situated at the heart of Nigeria residential Places. We have set a very high standard in completing the Architectural design of this project as we have perfectly performed a very symmetrical Elevation Design according to the layout. From the main door entrance, we have installed an exclusive piece of outdoor Chandelier. We have chosen a high-quality Hardwood for the main door. Windows has been maintained to be made up of premium quality of tinted glass. The terrace bracket is made up of Metallic steel, a combination of black and gold color. Roof design has been completed with hard concrete materials with very artistic carvings on top and detailed linings on the outdoor gypsum. We have installed outdoor lamps well matching with the chandelier. On the front side of this project we can see the entrance for the parking space, and make the perfect balance mood, we have painted it with dark brown to match the main door design. We can say that the Landscape is properly organized, With a combination of colorful plants, greenish grass and putting up Magnificent Fountain results in a very welcoming ambiance.  A tennis court has been placed also on the front side of this House. You might haven’t seen a magnificent swimming pool Design like what we did on this project. A rounded sitting area placed on the swimming pool itself with a man-made fireplace in the center was is superb! Around Jacuzzi and Manmade Waterfalls with glass, backdrop make it more unique and very stylish. A very nice arrangement of relaxing pool chair was arranged in one side of the swimming pool. The swimming pool area has been surrounded with decorative and colorful plants as a continuation of the landscape design on the front area of the house. On the aerial view of the landscape, we can see the perfect balancing of the full area and it was flawlessly executed. Surprisingly, we have managed to arrange an outdoor sitting area wherein the family can enjoy grilling and outdoor cooking and this is a great place to relax and bonding.  The fence and Gate design have been done in a very careful and detailed finishing by creating special carvings We have also managed to put up an outdoor lamp on the fence as a nice decoration and also extend the arrangement of plants. 

This project was indeed another work of art that has to be proud of as it is obviously very well designed and executed in all areas. Truly, Luxury Antonovich design is providing all the best Architectural solutions and design. 

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