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Luxury Residential Villas Palm Jumeirah

The luxurious palace complexes that is created by interior designers of the design studio Luxury Antonovich, please the most reputable customers worldwide. This villa project the UAE combines beautiful classical traditions with innovations of modern technology. Interior designers UAE with new technologies, create interiors of the unique beauty, which are comparable to works of art. This interior has become one of the masterpieces of talented designers. Design studio UAE offers its customers unique beauty projects. A detailed 3D imaging and video projects allow you to experience the presence and enjoy every corner of the interior. Living room interior impresses with its grand and luxurious image. The walls in the living room extends over the entire height of the building. The epicenter of luxury interior became a terrific sculpture of white marble, which is decorated with a fireplace. Every piece of villa decor is the artistic work of art. Unique carvings adorn the floor of natural marble. Lush curls stucco decoration are covered with gold leaf. All emphasizes the high status and respectability of homeowners. The ceiling decor corresponds to the best traditions of classical style. Stucco surrounds elegant crystal chandeliers. Gorgeous living room is complemented by no less magnificent bedrooms and home spa areas. Over a sumptuous villa project talented sculptors and artists worked. Interior designers have created the gorgeous villa UAE, which will delight more than one generation of the family.


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