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Luxury Villas in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The versatile and luxurious villa project in the UAE is made with Art Deco accents with stylish contemporary style. The owners are people with bright and extraordinary character, who perceive great new things and willing to experiment. UAE interior designers had a task to create a comfortable and luxurious house in which every member of a large and happy family, and their friends will feel comfortable. Villa design UAE adjusts to light and festive mood in the living room, relaxes and soothes in the bedroom, invigorates in the home spa area and pleases with the comfort and aesthetic perfection in every square meter. Interior designers offered a living room in the first floor to divide into two zones. A seating area by the fireplace looks particularly striking and luxurious. In creating such a brilliant image an important role is played by furniture in visionary style. At the luxurious marble fireplace there is a comfortable sofa and two exquisite high-backed chairs. The design of the first floor is in the same motives. In the ceiling decoration decorative plaster with the velvet texture and elegant crystal chandeliers with decorative feathers look luxurious. The space of the hall is separated by exquisite columns and curtains of crystal beads. The villa design takes into account all the wishes of its owners, largely surpassing their wildest dreams. Luxury villa on the second floor is complemented by another living room. The combination of bright and luxurious images of each room makes this project unique and charm.

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