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Interior luxury Villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates Villas

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Jumeirah, just a few miles away from the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, with amazing and luxurious houses in this subdivision that is built at the heart of the city. This place is a charmer with its amazing home architectures from left and right. The whole area and vicinity are perfect with the beach stretch just across, no wonder this has been a sanctuary for some. Being the most sought-after architecture and design company truly that the Luxury Antonovich Design is the firm to watch out for. 

The villa project is designed in such a way that its owners feel completely comfortable. In the spacious apartment, you can breathe easy and feel the pleasant soft warmth of home comfort. Interior designers delightfully arranged a fairly large space, filled with its magnificent splendor with light and airy mood. Villa design Abu Dhabi gently and elegantly reflects the character of the villa owners. Their kindness, hospitality, love for all new and their willingness to experiment was the basis of the author's concept of interior design.

The first floor combines the hall, a spacious living room and not less spacious dining room. In the hall, the main emphasis of luxury and splendor became graceful white marble staircase with a wrought-iron balustrade. In the living room, there is a charming combination of milk and chocolate hues. Especially expressively these shades contrasted in the decoration of the windows. Upholstered furniture in velvet milky, looks very catchy and stylish, thanks to the decorative elements of polished brass. The same material is used by interior designers Dubai in the mirror panel.

Luxurious Interior

With specializing in residential design, the Luxury Antonovich Design firm has been known for their amazing and luxurious interiors and professionalism. They make sure to bring out the best in their projects. Being one of the top-notch leading designers in Dubai. The designs are a fusion of different culture and different historical roots

Interior design UAE from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a unique opportunity for customers to become owners of interiors of unique beauty that reflect the future of design. Villa design Abu Dhabi is full of spectacular design techniques. The ground floor of a luxury villa is filled with light and elegant chic interior in a contemporary style with light accents of art deco. The modern interior design must take into account the innovations of modern technology. 

Truly this design is created with love and the passion for arts. The high-end approach will define the luxury in the interiors of this villa. For many years, we've been great in this business. 

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