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Modern Villa Interior in Palm Jumeirah

Contemporary villa design emphasizes a mood of lightness and ease. Laconic shapes and lines, a perfect geometry of space and a restrained range of colors created the interior with a very expressive character, a warmth of home comfort, cordiality, and hospitality. A large number of windows lets a sufficient amount of daylight into the apartment. And to regulate the level of illumination, the designers proposed modern silk curtains of a silvery-gray color and modern blinds that can be lowered with a remote control. The smooth white ceiling is delineated with soft lighting and is decorated with original author’s chandeliers with crystal rings. The floors, made of valuable wood, have become a major focus on the home comfort. A large number of upholstered furniture says that here you are always welcome. A light beige upholstery is in harmony with elegant white glossy facades of furniture. All design solutions of the contemporary villa designs are devoted to the creation of absolute comfort for the villa owners and their guests. So a living room and a dining room are separated with a snow-white chest of drawers with smooth facades, where two plasma panels are attached. In such a way you can  watch your favorite movie or program, both comfortably on the sofa or have a meal in the dining room. A white marble staircase leading to the second floor is emphasized with bricks decor and green plants. This contemporary villa design has got eco features. Natural freshness and purity of lines adjust to the serenity and positive emotions.

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