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Luxury in the interior is not a style, it's a lifetime, a flow, a level of design, a great luxury direction. Therefore, Luxury-interior can be created in any style that is known to the designer. However, it has his own principles and they must be adhered to.

Of the finishing materials in the interior were chosen costly, the same applies to the decor and accessories. If the floor, then this is the finish of natural stone, granite, marble, art parquet, etc. if the walls, then they can see stained glass, reliefs, mosaic, painting, leather, stucco, etc. In addition to exquisite and expensive materials, gold, Swarovski crystals can be used.

Such a project is original, fully suited to the customer in terms of stylistic decision, takes into account novelties in all areas of design, and also uses novelties and achievements of technology.

The classical style of design is not for everyone. This is one of the most solid interior styles, which testifies to the respectability and prosperity of the owners of the apartment or house. And also about their refined taste and measured bourgeois way of life

Please note that the design of the living room in the classical style will require significant expenses. Classics do not use budgetary finishing materials. If you decide that the most suitable for you interior design - a classic, then prepare to lay out a round sum for natural materials of decent quality.

Classics has a calming effect on people. Peace, comfort, solidity, adherence to traditions - all this modern people and, indeed, not enough. Therefore, in a house where a classical interior design is created in accordance with all the canons, it is pleasant to live. And the guests feel themselves in such surroundings comfortably and confidently, they enjoy the beauty and goodness of the surrounding things. Of course, the modern version of the classics is far from the palace style, although it retained its fundamental features. It is good at being out of fashion and time.

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