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Exquisite villa design

Interior design in modern style is perhaps the best option to embody the most daring and creative ideas of designers. In this style, the most daring improvisations and even a complete rethinking of many canons of design are allowed. The main thing is that the harmony and warmth of home comfort should remain unchanged. Harmony is achieved by repeating in the interior concept the character of the house owner and his idea of the beautiful. This luxurious mansion certainly belongs to very nice and hospitable people. This moment designers of the interior of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design very successfully expressed with the design of such a space as a dining room. It became a laconic continuation of the living room and occupies a much larger area. The elongated rectangular space with a lot of tall windows could comfortably place the dining set for twenty people. Beautiful Italian furniture in the style of Contemporary perfectly fitted into the interior. Its noble upholstery and inlay of natural wood echo the decor of the walls. Designers use a contrasting combination of beige and dark brown hues to create a vivid and memorable image of the interior. Wall panels filled with decorative plaster with a matte effect. They are framed by thin lines of polished brass lines of brown color and beautiful splendor. The interior corresponds to the most fashionable trends of 2018. This is the use of brass in the decor and the use of warm natural shades. Gray-blue curtains with light checkered patterns have also become a cozy highlight in the interior of the living room and dining room.

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