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Beautiful house Design

designs of houses of Luxury Antonovich Design becomes a perfect reflection of the character and habits of the owners of the villas. Because of this is obtained really ideal habitat. And in this project we showed just how bright and extravagant may be the classic style of the interior. Home entrance décor begins with bright moments and continues harmoniously in the interior of the dining room and living room.

The originality of design the house is:

  • Bright colors
  • Original ceiling decor
  • The combination of marble and wood in the floor decor

In the first place, that impresses in this design project the house - a bold combination of colors. The soft furniture upholstered with noble textiles of white,emerald and green colors. Entrance doors made of wood covered with black gloss paint. And in the decoration of the walls contrast elegantly bright silk wallpaper and decorative plaster muted gray. designs of houses of Luxury Antonovich Design always reflects the taste and the perception of beauty by our customers. And also in the interior fully expressed kindness and hospitality of the owners of the house. Furniture in the spacious living room is enough to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests. And in the elegant dining room a large round table surrounded by many chairs with a noble posture. window curtains, of its expression, designed to highlight a bright interior decor. living room curtains of noble silvery silk halts tall windows. Everything is perfect in harmony and complemented each other.

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