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Wardrobe design by Katrina Antonovich

Sometimes such a room as a dressing room can quite claim the role of a pearl among all the other rooms in the house. Especially if the hostess closely follows the fashion and likes to constantly update clothing. For just such a connoisseur of the beauty, with impeccable taste, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design have developed a variant of an art deco dressing room. The interior radiates a festive extravaganza of happiness. In such a space, whatever the weather conditions outside the window, no matter how sad it is sometimes, it will always be sunny and positive. Here you can completely abstract from the hustle of the surrounding world and fully devote time to yourself, your happy emotions and choose things for this or that event. In the first place, the luxurious ceiling decor sets such undoubtedly very festive mood.  A deep niche with oval outlines is filled with golden hue decorative plaster. Against such a background, a luxurious chandelier with waterfalls of delicate crystal pendants looks very charming. The color palette of the interior is dominated by a milky white shade that accentuates the gilded elements of the decor and the luxurious accents of furniture. As soft furniture items, interior designers suggested an original double-sided couch in the center of the room and a soft chair near the boudoir with a beautiful large mirror. Upholstery made of beautiful velvet fills the interior with a special mood of luxury. Everything is very ergonomic and thought out for maximum functionality. 

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