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Dressing Rooms Interior Design

Modern wardrobe designs has become a luxurious place for the elite shoes and clothing house owners. In a small space home painting ideas, designers of the interior studio Antonovich Design were able to organize a truly royal chic house interior painting designs. Let's look at the main details of a beautiful interior. Ceiling decor looks smart and stylish, thanks to the stained glass with illumination, which surrounds the elegant chandelier. The curtains in the interior of the dressing room become a beautiful accent of comfort. Soft falls of silk draperies milky and pale turquoise shades are amazingly combined with soft lambrequins and curtains with embroidery. The main decoration of the room was the elite furniture made of wood with carved handmade decoration and gilding. Behind the facades of cabinets in a classic style, hidden the latest storage systems and extra lighting.For storage of accessories in the interior of the dressing room, an insular design is provided. Marble on the floor is complemented by carved patterns wardrobe ideas. Soft poufs upholstered in natural leather in the same color scheme as the curtains.



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