Openness becomes the rule in the modern interior. Dining area becomes a part of the living room interior. It is one of the conditions of a perfect comfort for the owners of houses and apartments. This interior in the style of modern classics has a sophisticated and refined character. Dining area occupies a third of the area. This underlines the fact that the owners of the house are very hospitable people and always welcome guests. A large oval table with a top made of white marble perfectly fit into the interior. It is surrounded by soft comfortable chairs with a noble deportment. To enhance the sense of comfort and warmth, the dining area is decorated with soft natural carpet. To delineate space interior designers use ceiling decor. The rectangular niche defines boundaries of the dining room interior. The center distinguished by the lush and elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco. The interior is dominated by shades of creamy-coffee range. The walls are decorated with velvet in these colors. Large panoramic windows draped with silk curtains the color of cocoa with milk.

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