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World-Class Curtains Textile


Everyone wants his home to be special. You can emphasize the uniqueness of your estate with the help of beautiful window decoration. Properly placed accents in the design of the room will complete the refined and luxurious curtains. They are able to transform a room beyond recognition: an ordinary bedroom will turn into a royal bedchamber, a kitchen into an aristocratic dining room.

Katrina Antonovich - Curtains Textile Designer

Luxury Antonovich Design Company specializes in the production of luxury textile for curtains and drapes: natural silk, linen, cotton fabrics and wool, and much more. Impeccable taste, exclusive handmade fabrics and high-tech textiles on the most modern equipment are included in the Luxury Antonovich Design collection of interior curtains textiles.

Textile for curtains of our company is always distinguished by elegance and novelty of design. Our own factory constantly monitors the latest fashion trends and customer requirements. Therefore, a curtains textile from Luxury Antonovich Design is a pledge of comfort and harmony in your home. Designers of our company pay much attention to the development of textures and prints for materials. The textile perfectly conveys the light mood, the brightness of colors and the complexity of the patterns.

  • Silk; 
  • Wool; 
  • Linen; 
  • Lace; 
  • Tulle; 
  • Cotton; 
  • Jacquard; 
  • Velvet; 
  • Brocade; 
  • Velour; 
  • Satin; 
  • Tapestry. 


Our showroom presents colorful and lightweight textile for curtains and tulle. It should be noted the excellent quality of all materials, their versatility, resistance to the environment, exposure to the sun and moisture, easy care of materials. Luxurious collections of silks and elegant modern textiles draw inspiration from a rich archive of antique fabrics, preserving the best traditions of world weaving. The combination of different textures creates the impression of natural images of patterns.

Exclusive curtain textile is an opportunity to create a trendy interior that combines luxury and warmth, elegance and harmony. Luxury Antonovich Design Company has a wide range of various materials. Here you can become the owner of silk, flax, velvet, cotton, natural satin and chiffon, lace and guipure. We also provide luxury textile from the best European manufacturers. In our showroom there are always new items from the collections of the best European textile manufacturers: Italian, French, and English. Elite interior textile of premium class from the best European manufacturers will help to create an incredibly elegant interior. The richness of textures, shades and a variety of decorative solutions will impress even the most discerning clients.

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