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Wooden Ceiling: Your Home Comfort And Warmth


Wooden ceilings perfectly fit into the design of almost any interior. Wood is a truly versatile material that is suitable for fit-out most rooms, regardless of what style they are decorated. Such a design by Luxury Antonovich Design always looks really unique and aesthetically attractive. The whole unique feature of a wooden ceiling is that it can be absolutely anything and still look amazing, cozy and comfortable. Of course, the coffered ceilings, sheathed in a solid array, look very elegant, but even an imitation of a bar will create an elegant look. In addition, under each style you can pick up a certain type of wooden ceiling.

Ask Katrina Antonovich About Wood Ceiling Design

The advantages of a wooden ceiling, designed by Luxury Antonovich Design:

— the finish looks excellent even without special treatment of wood, painting or tinting;

— it is possible to paint the material in any color or pick up a combination of shades, put an ornament, use additional elements;

— natural color and unique texture of natural wood looks noble, adds its own charm to the interior;

— ability to embed lamps and ventilation systems in the ceiling;

— environmental friendliness of natural wood makes the air in the room cleaner.


The more noble the wood, the more beautiful the ceiling. In addition, varieties of the array suggest certain architectural structures. Luxury Antonovich Design uses different types of wood for covering the ceiling. The more expensive the wood, the more aesthetic and luxurious the ceiling looks. One of the leaders in sales is pine, which is not too expensive, and it looks gorgeous. If you want something more exotic, you can choose, for example, a cypress with an original rough surface. But in addition to using natural raw wood, there are other ways to trim the ceiling:

  • Plywood. These are the same sized boards, already ground and shunted, having grooves for assembly. Products can be painted in a variety of colors or have a natural shade.
  • Panels. For their manufacture Luxury Antonovich Design uses common species: spruce, pine, as well as exotic and valuable varieties — mahogany, wenge. The veneer layers are glued together under pressure, creating ready-made panels. Products have durability, excellent appearance and long service life.

  • Plates. It is made of valuable wood species, which makes them resistant to water, mold, fungus and dirt, which allows them to be applied in places with maximum humidity. Wax impregnated products are priced more expensive and have the highest performance.
  • Ceiling fillet. Products resemble a plinth made of wood. Such fit-out will hide the flaws of the ceiling and irregularities. Such ceiling fillets have a natural color of wood, their length is about 120 cm, which ensures quick assembly. At your request, products can be veneered or laminated.
  • Wooden wallpaper. Wallpapers differ in elegance and beauty of texture. Modern technology of our wallpaper production allows our clients to apply different design ideas for wooden wallpaper. Products made of veneer, rare wood species, attached to a paper or cork base.
  • False beams. Such structural elements are hollow inside, which allows laying communication wires in them. And outwardly, this is the usual ceiling lags, visually performing the carrier function.

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