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Velvet curtains — Сomfort With A Touch Of Luxury


Modern solutions of interior design allow pretty everything — it is popular and modern in a same way - comfortable and minimalist solutions, and royally luxurious. In a city apartment you can hang exquisite velvet curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design, thereby ennoble the look of your home. Velvet is a material with a short thick nap on the front side. China was the birthplace of this fabric. Not everyone knows that velvet is a type of silk. Velvet has its original appearance due to the special weaving and the type of yarn. When choosing velvet curtains you need to take into account many factors.

Katrina Antonovich: Luxury And Beaty Of Curtains Design

Velvet curtains can help to form a complex luxurious interior or complement the laconic clean composition. At the same time, products made from fabrics of this type are very durable and will be able to please you with functionality and reliability every day. Velvet curtains are a fashion that lives forever.


Specialists of Luxury Antonovich Design Company distinguish the following positive aspects of velvet curtains:

— Such curtains can complete the creation of a solemn image in the room.

— Suitable for many styles, including high-tech and minimalism.

— Velvet is a dense matter, therefore it will protect well against unnecessary sounds, light, it will not let in cold and heat.

— The fabric does not fade: it can be used on the sunny side.

— Can be used in rooms for different purposes.

— This fabric should be used with transparent and lightweight tulle.

Velvet curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design can be used in interior of classics. Very often these are two curtains hanging from the eaves to the floor. They can be collected on a curtain tape with hooks, tightly draped. Curtains made of velvet look very nice — metal rings are set exactly at an equal distance from each other — this allows the fabric to flow down in perfectly smooth folds. At the same time, it is very easy to move them away and move along the eaves, the weight of the velvet is practically not felt in this case.

Curtains made from velvet by Luxury Antonovich Design are considered to be truly royal. With their beauty and luxury, they amaze everyone. Curtains of such material have special properties, so they are very valuable all over the world. Long velvet curtains of simple cut from Luxury Antonovich Design, sustained in rich or deep shades, are in harmony with modern laconic interiors, including high-tech or loft style. At the same time, in such a performance, velvet does not bear the connotations of fundamentality and gravity; it looks quite easily and unobtrusively, but seriously.

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