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Very often, our clients, turning to us for the provision of interior design services, ask about what modern apartment fit-out means in the current conditions. Taking into account the experience, the answer seems quite obvious — it is bringing the premises of apartment, house or cottage in a condition in which living would be safe, convenient and comfortable for a person. Structural solutions and materials must be durable, have a margin of sufficient strength, and not cause harm to human health.


It is possible to achieve similar results during interior fit-out in several ways — by entrusting the design and planning of living space to professionals from Luxury Antonovich Design; strictly following the requirements of project documentation, as well as building rules; and, finally, using modern materials and equipment in strict accordance with the technologies of their use.



For sophisticated and demanding customers — owners of apartments, offices, cottages or houses, Luxury Antonovich Design group of companies offers an elite turnkey fit-out. All work is carried out by masters with many years of experience, professional installers, welders, joiners, plumbers, plasterers, painters, tilers, ready to perform work of any complexity at the highest level. The competent combination of fine fit-out materials, from floor coverings to lighting fixtures, optimally selected color schemes, as well as furniture and accessories, create the unique comfort that everyone undoubtedly dreams of.


The presence of our own workshop, professional employees, as well as an accumulated base of suppliers with the necessary materials for the production of models, makes it possible to provide this service out of competition. Magnificent designers' work, excellent knowledge of all the subtleties in the formation of the planning decision, an impeccable sense of style and the desire to create a unique interior of the apartment, give amazing results. You will be able to appreciate the impeccable work of our specialists in transforming an ordinary apartment into a high-style living place.


Fit-out and decoration of apartments at the highest level, this is possible only when the work is performed by highly qualified specialists. It is this level that our company offers. All fit-out work at the facility is carried out by specific specialists, plasterers, painters, finishers, tilers, plumbers and electricians. As a result, you get flawlessly performed fit-out work and interior design at the highest level.


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