• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
From project design to actual implementation | furniture manufacturing and fitting selection with delivery | consalting emaar approval

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Installations or joineries, we got you! We provide the best materials for any fit-out services that you need. Our finishes are always on point and are spectacular. We do built-ins that are of good service and quality. The fixtures that we put in are always great. The furniture that we will provide is always partnered with the theme so you don't have to worry about cluttered details. Final touches are put in great consideration to make the clients satisfied and happy at the end of every project. Luxury Antonovich Design is here to excel! We continue to provide the needed equipment for a project (be it restaurants, offices, residential, etc), like interiors, fittings and/or decorations. We provide all the furniture needed to fill your project. We do competitive and highly excellent fit-outs, be it in furniture, amenities, or decorations. We are a specialist in restaurant designs and fit-outs. Luxury Antonovich Design has a long experience in the process and workflow of how to deliver effective fit-outs that will make our client happy. Over the past years, Luxury Antonovich Design has given numerous fit-outs across the United Arab Emirates and across the world. We only give the best designs that are compliant with the rules. Clients are satisfied with our fit-out works. With this, we give the needed design requirements to accommodate our customers. Luxury Antonovich Design has provided several elegant interior designs as well as personalized design fit-outs. High quality is our priority and we are one of the best in UAE. Our professional specialists have given their best to meet every requirement for design fit-outs.

Katrina Antonovich - Leading Fit Out Specialist


Continue to fall in love with the majestic designs of Luxury Antonovich Design! This interior design by the award-winning company is every bit exceptional with details that are superb and splendid. Luxury vibe can be a little intimidating that is why Luxury Antonovich Design puts so much effort to balance everything out. Just like the shapes used in this restaurant. The details are very sleek. One of the best you will ever see. With its colors to materials, you will want to stay here for a longer time. The materials are superb with furniture that is as stunning as the whole design. The chairs are very classy with more details. We believe more details can go a long way as it gives the venue elegance yet with a sophisticated feel. Putting everything together gives the whole interior a whole new vibe of luxury and sophistication.

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