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The Most Qualified Fit-Out Contractors in UAE


Top-notch interior fit-out is a multi-stage process, during which great attention is paid to the quality of materials and design. It is luxury in everything! After the completion of such work, your home takes on a unique look and becomes as comfortable as possible. If you are interested in such a service, contact Luxury Antonovich Design. We are aimed at an impeccable result and achievement of goals!


Masterly execution of works is noticed in every finished stroke brought strictly to the ideal. After all, we value our customers, and their desire to possess only the best and most comfortable home for life! A complete cycle of fulfilling orders, worked out over the years, allows each of our employees to provide improvement in a particular range of work:

  • Civil works;
  • Fit-out works;
  • Engineering;
  • Technical Supervision;
  • Furnishing and equipment.


Undoubtedly, expensive elite fit-out or major renovation implies not only high-quality repair and finishing work, but it also involves the use of expensive building materials and components, the development of a unique interior design and its implementation, up to the arrangement of furniture and original designer accessories.


Luxury Antonovich Design uses only the highest quality certified building and fit-out materials for repairs in your home, which we will deliver with our vehicles from our reliable partners and suppliers. Services for the elite fit-out, repair and dismantling of houses, cottages, townhouses, villas and apartments in Dubai are carried out at the best prices, by our qualified teams of craftsmen, on time, efficiently and reliably under the contract. Personal instrumental and auto fleet allows us to start fit-out work within one day after the approval of estimates.


Our engineers and designers will carry out installation and assembly of household systems and plumbing, make all surfaces smooth, level the floor, make it screed. Walls and ceilings can be finished with gypsum or wooden panels ... The floor in all rooms of the apartment or a house will be covered with new luxury flooring. After performing luxury fit-out you will receive a clean, upgraded, beautiful house in Dubai, as well as our craftsmen will clean and take out the construction waste.

Our experts perform VIP apartment fit-out and arrange the premises in any style. They carry out all types of work, starting with the development of an idea and ending with its implementation. Trusting us, you trust yourself. After the fit-out is completed, your home takes on an original and luxurious look! This is the main goal, to achieve which we put maximum effort!


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