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Table Vases For Your Stylish Home Interior


In modern homes, a table vase serves as a complete decoration of the room. The times when it was used exclusively as a vessel for flowers are in the past. A kaleidoscope of colors, an abundance of shapes, patterns and sizes allows you to combine a table vases with any interior style. No obstacles for your originality! Refined, elegant and aesthetic vases by Luxury Antonovich Design will fit any style of your interior.

Katrina Antonovich And Incredible Home Decor

Decorative vases are divided into types depending on:

  • material;
  • forms;
  • appointments;
  • design.

They can be made of metal, plastic, glass, crystal, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, can be carved from wood or woven from a rod. The shape of the vase can be very different. Luxury Antonovich Design perform table vases in the form of a diamond, rectangle, circle, can be straight or curved, elongated, cylindrical, cone-shaped, folding, in the form of a jug, bowl, pot, etc. The same applies to the surface design: patterns, relief, painting, monochromatic colors or colorful drawing. Remember that the interior of the room and the decorative vase must be in harmony. Take care of the conformity of style: monochrome variants are perfect in a minimalist interior, painted products — for rooms in classic style.


If you need a vase for flowers, pay attention to the options of medium size: the standard bouquet should fit well there. Narrow-neck mini-vases are obviously not suitable for floristic compositions. A completely unexpected approach to the design of vases by Luxury Antonovich Design captured the hearts of millions of people from different countries, and our showroom is happy to present you a series of unique and in its own way beautiful models. Our catalog contains the most unique designs that can turn your home into a truly comfortable and stylish place.

Regular updating of Luxury Antonovich Design product range will contribute to the acquisition of truly unique items, which are produced by manufacturers specifically for collectors and people with a particularly refined taste. Beautiful desktop vases and other interior items will help you to diversify the interior with fresh and original design products. More than 300 original and stylish models of glass, metal, ceramics, concrete and even wood. The most widely in our collection are flower vases, but there are also decorative vessels and flowerpots. To choose the model that best suits your style and interior, use the advice of our stylists.

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