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Stylish Wooden Furniture Design


Modern furniture design by Luxury Antonovich Design allows you to create truly functional home furnishings that match the style of the room. In the assortment of our company you will find many options for the design of drawers that will allow you to easily choose the one that is suitable for your home.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Interesting Design Ideas

Traditionally, a chest of drawers is used as a multifunctional piece of furniture that can serve as a cabinet, nightstand and serve as a stand for decor, appliances or TV. These products from Luxury Antonovich Design differ in good spaciousness and ergonomics, and due to their compact parameters and unusual design they easily fit into any interior, giving it spectacularity and attractiveness.

Designer dressers for the living room and original cabinets for the bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design simultaneously solve two problems: they give the necessary spaciousness and decorate the room. A chest of drawers made in modern style is not much different in functionality from its classic counterparts. The design and decor idea of our company, which is tuned to facilitate the operation and maintenance of furniture, is most fully embodied in the creation of models for thumbs, bedside tables and chest of drawers for a wide variety of purposes.


Designer cabinets by Luxury Antonovich Design are made from durable valuable wood and have a coating that corresponds to a particular model. All models of wood are distinguished by sophistication and practicality. Our company presents models that perfectly complement the interior:

— in the hall;

— bathroom;

— living room;

— bedroom;

— office.

Depending on the design, the cabinets are:

— closed: equipped with drawers and doors that protect their contents — the best option for living rooms and offices;

— open: are practical racks, which consist of shelves. They are great for storage — a great choice for a bedroom.

Bedside tables by Luxury Antonovich Design can be equipped with legs or castors, shelves, drawers, doors, the choice of which entirely depends on the taste preferences of the client. As for the shape and color of the cabinet, they are organically combined with the style of the surrounding furniture: the original model with curved outlines will be in harmony with the interior in sophisticated classic style, and the severity and simplicity of the design will suit the modern decor. Modern dressers designed by our professionals are high-quality products that are made in numerous shades (dark, beige, light, ivory, reddish, rich chocolate and so on). You can purchase designer dressers with a smooth and rough texture, as well as an artificially aged surface, which will appeal to fans of non-standard solutions.

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