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Stained-Glass Lamps Design


It is a well-known fact that stained-glass looks the most attractive in combination of light, therefore stained-glass products such as stained-glass chandeliers, ceilings, lamps and wall sconces from Luxury Antonovich Design Company look gracefully and advantageously in any interior. Due to the diverse combination of design and colors, you can achieve exactly the lighting and atmosphere you dream of, and which will give a special comfort to your home and any other estate — a restaurant, office or theater.

Katrina Antonovich - Artist and Interior Designer

The technique of making stained-glass from multi-colored pieces of glass allows us to create a variety of objects in shape. These include stained-glass lamps and chandeliers, which have the most bizarre shapes and designs.

Stained-glass lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design are made according to unique sketches developed by our artists. They will fit well into the interior, made in various styles: classical, gothic, oriental, baroque, modern, hi-tech. Stained glass chandelier and lamps are an elegant combination of classic forms, metal and stained-glass that is why the lamps created by our masters are considered to be the most sophisticated, and most importantly, a win-win design solution.


At the request of the client, Luxury Antonovich Design also develops individual sketches that fully reflect the creative preferences of customers. A variety of multi-colored elements, combined into figures of birds or animals, or other abstract figures, creates a soft diffused light, which allows you to move away from unnecessary thoughts, focusing on beauty. Table stained-glass lamps are ideal for zone lighting of offices and bedrooms. The assortment of stained-glass lamps by Luxury Antonovich Design Company includes ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.

Stained glass chandelier is that thing, which is associated with fine taste and home comfort. Pieces of glass, like paints in the painter's palette, mix and form colorful natural motifs. Lamps enrich the interior of the room and create a unique style. A unique combination of rainbow overflows, spectacular highlights, and matte and mother-of-pearl stained-glass surfaces allows us to create a unique interior atmosphere.

The peculiarity of stained-glass lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design is that they have an exclusive design. Most stained-glass lamps are original works created by the creative imagination of our artists and designers using hand-made manufacturing techniques. Stained-glass lamps never go out of fashion, they are always beautiful and unique, capable of filling the rooms with colors of the rainbow for many years and maintaining a positive, warm and festive atmosphere.

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