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Stained Glass Design And Fabrication


Stained glass is an exquisite piece of art, unique and will always be visible in the interior of the room. Glass, with its unique optical properties, in stained glass compositions plays with all the colors of the rainbow, creating a special light and air environment. Stained glass from Luxury Antonovich Design is an ornamental or subject decorative composition from glass, it is not only a type of decorative art, but as well an integral part of modern interior of apartments, houses and public spaces.

Windows, balconies, doors, ceilings, partitions, sliding systems, wardrobes and wardrobe systems, interior partitions, stairs and screens, lamps and mirrors to complex facade structures, winter gardens, terraced systems, verandas, office and banking modules and much more decorated with stained glass by talented craftsmen of our company will make your interior look unique and special.

With rich experience and universal knowledge of Luxury Antonovich Design, we can also offer customized designs of stained glass windows taking into account client's specifications. Based on many years of experience, we have gained wide popularity in the manufacture and supply of stained glass windows, the range of glass and accessories. Our range includes stained glass, stained glass doors and other interior elements, designer glass. In the process of manufacture of stained glass, our specialists use the glass of famous manufacturers from the USA and France — it is opal, cathedral and structural glass.


The ability of the stained glass from Luxury Antonovich Design to organize the space is truly unique, because one of the attractive aesthetic properties of art glass is the lack of density. Colored glass will give the interior a sense of solemnity and spirituality. You can use stained glass in order to visually expand the space or to focus on certain areas of it. This is facilitated by the special graphics of the stained glass, its artistic component.

Luxury Antonovich Design company produces stained glass, the quality and modern design of which is not inferior to world standards. We can make stained glass windows for individual orders or offer you a large selection of stained glass windows and patterns for various interior elements.

Our company offers its customers the manufacture of stained glass windows in the following techniques:

— classic stained glass technique (set of colored glass, cut out according to a certain pattern and fastened with a special lead, copper or brass profile);

— sintering technique — fusing (fusing technique is used to make individual interior items (inserts in the door, partitions, ceiling lights);

— mixed technology (elements of all the above technologies combines mixed or combined production technology of producing stained glass).

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