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Sophisticated Curvy Gypsum Ceiling


Gypsum ceilings provide an opportunity to realize the most courageous design ideas and create interesting interior solutions. The variety of designs and non-standard forms allows not only to decorate the place with interesting compositions, but also to adjust the space. There is no limit of designer fantasy in Luxury Antonovich Design in the field of suspended gypsum ceiling structures. There is a huge choice of technical and visual solutions, due to which most tastes can be satisfied.

The gypsum ceiling any room interior will become the original solution for organizing the luxurious ceiling space. Such design of the ceiling creates for your home a cozy atmosphere and the desired image that supports the chosen interior style.


Sophisticated design of ceiling products from Luxury Antonovich Design are not amenable to a clear classification, the versions of which are countless number and are they born in the heads of our talented creative designers. The figured design of the gypsum ceiling assumes the presence in the center or in the other part of this structural element an original convex part: a flower or other geometric figures. Very often for these figures is organized hidden lights around the edges.

Gypsum ceilings have the advantages of built-in lighting, in which it is noticeable that the point lanterns divide the entire area of the room into separate light zones. Lighting plays a significant role in luxury interior design and traditionally it is customary to place most of the light bulbs on the ceiling. The chandelier is usually located in the center of the composition and is the brightest light source.

Gypsum ceiling construction by Luxury Antonovich Design has a sophisticated design, and it will certainly give your living space a colorful classic style and fill it with comfort. Complex artistic compositions of gypsum ceilings, including a variety of geometric and abstract shapes, suggest that you are not in the apartment, but in a gallery or museum. Just imagine how harmoniously are combined and create unique ceiling ensembles and neat elements of various geometric shapes:

— ovals and their forms;

— semicircles;

— rectangles;

— cylinders and semi-cylinders;

— smooth wavy bends;

— circles and more.

The effect may just be astounding. Patterned gypsum ceiling can create an interesting game of shadows. Abstract ceiling design using gypsum is obtained by placing different shapes and sizes of structures, giving charm, sophistication and mystery. The soaring gypsum ceiling is a bold decision, rather difficult to execute, but creating a unique flying, sophisticated design.

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