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Solemn Dining Room Fit-out Ideas


Dining room designed by Luxury Antonovich Design is a very special place in your home. Here all generations meet, important dates are celebrated, the most important subjects are discussed. This is a place where family members meet every day. Practically finishing and fit-out works of the dining room is very similar to fit out of other rooms. But there are differences. First of all, other fit-out materials are used.

Katrina Antonovich - Famous Interior Designer And Architect

If in your dining room is meant the only functionality — dining, it greatly simplifies the task for our designers. Such requirements imply that there is no need for zoning. If you love luxury, then the dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design is decorated with stucco, decorated with a crystal chandelier, and presented with matured colors. The original wooden panels of beige color were complemented with contrasting elements of aqua color. The color of the paint was chosen in tune with the amazing velvet curtains. This shade not only effectively emphasizes the noble classical architecture but also serves as a good background for vintage furniture from a rare collection.


The majestic interior of the Luxury Antonovich Design dining room in classic style with baroque elements requires very specific design solutions and choice of fit out materials. To finish the floor in this area, our designers use the highest quality marble and porcelain stoneware. There are no restrictionsIn the decoration of the walls of the dining room . Competently selected decorative wood panels of valuable wood or other fit-out materials, as well as harmonious colors, can transform your dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design.

If you like the palace style, it is better to opt for expensive textile wallpaper or wall panels. Best of all on the walls look palette of light shades. For the interior decoration of the dining room, our designers decided to decorate the walls and ceiling with expensive plaster moldings with gold leaf.

In the classic dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design, our professional designers recommend installing coffered ceiling for visual decoration. The ceiling in interior design plays a huge role. Its height, color and shape affects the perception of volume — the higher the ceiling, the more room seems to be larger and more spacious. Creating a coffered ceiling in the interior of the dining room, our craftsmen took into account the placement of furniture, the number of sources of lighting, the color of wood and the paint with which it was covered.

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