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Refined Gypsum Stucco Work And Decoration


Stucco work served as a favorite element of interior and exterior decoration, and a gypsum stucco decoration gives the design a special elegance and noble luxury. Luxury Antonovich Design Company can offer you a diverse gypsum decoration that will emphasize the beauty of the room interior. Our company provides manufacturing gypsum products of any style from classic to modern.

Experienced craftsmen of Luxury Antonovich Design are ready to help you in choosing a gypsum decoration and create a custom gypsum decor specifically for your apartment or house. A lot of gypsum molded products from Luxury Antonovich Design will help to make your dream come true and create an exclusive fit-out interior: sockets, cornices, columns, moldings, stucco decor, friezes, pilasters and other types of gypsum moldings. By individual order, we can make stucco, as in the ancient palace, or old French mansion.

If you are interested in custom-made gypsum moldings for interior or exterior decoration, feel free to contact us for help. Our company provides high-quality services for the manufacture and installation of turnkey gypsum decorative elements for apartments, villas, country houses, as well as commercial objects.


Gypsum is an ecological environmentally friendly natural material that serves as the basis for decorative moldings. Gypsum stucco is revered by many masters all over the world, as gypsum allows to embody all the human feelings in sculpture. Gypsum stucco has no equal in the ability to artistically enrich the decoration of interior and exterior fit-out. Competently chosen stucco decor can transform the whole artistic structure of the interior design, give it any kind of emotions: from a solemn and festive mood to a stiff rigor and aristocratic purity of architectural shapes and lines.

Advantages of gypsum stucco from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— Environmentally friendly material.

— The possibility of restoration.

— Designer work.

— High clarity of the picture.

The range of services provided by the gypsum decoration from Luxury Antonovich Design includes:

— Departure of a specialist at the customer’s site for inspection, agreement on the terms of cooperation and the necessary measurements.

— Development of an individual design project of the future gypsum decoration, taking into account the features of the building and the wishes of the client;

— Production of stucco from high quality gypsum based on an approved project;

— Delivery of finished products, installation at the object;

— Carrying out the necessary fit-out works;

— Repair, restoration and maintenance of ready-made decorative gypsum elements.

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