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Original Porcelain Fit-Out And Design


Porcelain is a material that undergoes a constant evolution in an effort to improve its capabilities, to imitate and most reliably reproduce fit-out and coatings such as wood or stone in their many variations. Luxury Antonovich Design porcelain is the newest material produced by sintering at high temperature a mixture of quartz sand, pigments and inclusions. Due to such properties, porcelain surfaces have unique physico-mechanical characteristics, they do not absorb moisture, are resistant to high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation, thanks to this they do not collapse when used outdoors for exterior design and do not fade.

Katrina Antonovich knows everythign about porcelain fit-out

Luxury Antonovich Design porcelain stone is scratch-resistant, lightweight, fireproof, easy to clean and hygienic, which allows the use of porcelain in contact with food. We have carefully studied the market of artificial stone, selected the best, highest quality fit-out materials and offer them to you. Our specialists know everything about artificial stone and are happy to give professional advice on choosing a stone and on any technical issues.


Artificial stone presented by Luxury Antonovich Design is used to create and decorate worktops, bathtubs, sinks, window sills, fit-out for staircases, walls, floors, for design of residential and commercial interiors. In our collections there are more than five hundred colors and shades. Pastel and bright saturated colors, small blotches and transparent 3D inclusions, marble stains and natural stone pattern — we offer a rich palette to create unique interiors.

In porcelain tile design by Luxury Antonovich Design, there are several main trends: imitations of various materials:

— wood,

— marble,

— stone,

— metal,

— imitation of leather materials

— oriental patterns,

— "patchwork",

As well as several of surface texture options:

  • glossy (polished), 
  • matte, 
  • glazed; 
  • semi-polished. 

A large selection of porcelain colors and patterns are able to satisfy the most exquisite taste, and the properties of this material will satisfy the needs of the most demanding architect. Porcelain from Luxury Antonovich Design is indispensable in the manufacture of bar counters; from it you can make window sills, veneer the doors with thin porcelain tiles. Bathroom counter tops made of painted porcelain by Luxury Antonovich Design will not require serious maintenance and will be able to last for a long time. Laying the porcelain tiles on the floor will create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness and save you from worrying about the use of this material.

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