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Modern Trends In Crystal Chandeliers Design


Celebration, brilliance, splendor — all these epithets come to mind at the mention of crystal lamps. Along with gold, silver and precious stones, crystal for long time was considered a sign of luxury in the interior. Nowadays, it is most often used in the manufacture of chandeliers. We should mention that the crystal chandeliers from Luxury Antonovich Design is not only classic. The fantasy of our modern designers made this material sound in a new way, therefore you can choose a crystal lamp to almost any interior style.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Exclusive Lighting Design

Crystal chandeliers from their glass counterparts are distinguished by two signs: the content of lead and a special cut of parts. They give the crystal chandeliers from Luxury Antonovich Design that unique brilliance that brought the lamps from this material to the pedestal of the lighting industry.

Crystal lamps recently changed not only the color, but also a new look. In addition to traditional chandeliers with a variety of pendants, our company manufactures chandeliers and lamps with new shapes — crystal in the form of petals or irregular geometric shapes. In our collections of crystal lighting are sconces, floor lamps and table lamps. Unsurpassed interior style combined with luxurious lighting will always remain in demand. If you want to add mysterious flicker to the interior and create an atmosphere of luxury — pay attention to crystal wall lamps with an original design. In our showroom you can choose models that amaze with a variety of shapes, sizes and design solutions, and which can best emphasize the peculiarity of your interior.


If you decide to get a chandelier of crystal, be prepared for the fact that it will dominate in your interior. Therefore, it is very important to choose not only the lamp itself, but also crystal pendants for chandeliers that will meet the canons of the interior style:

— modern — the shape of the chandelier should have laconic strict outlines (a bowl, rectangular or square shape), but at the same time the restraint of the shape is brightened with a set of dangling crystalline lenses;

— Provence — to convey the cozy and free atmosphere of a delicate interior, use small crystal chandeliers with a minimum amount of decor;

— Gothic — original ceiling lamps, in combination with dark / black crystal;

— Oriental style — a chandelier with a solid forged base of gold / bronze color and a massive canopy will fit here;

— high-tech/minimalism — the use of led-lamps makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of crystal chandeliers. Simple and clear forms, small size, a limited number of decorations — and such a chandelier by Luxury Antonovich Design will find its place in the modern minimalist interior.

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