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Modern Style Living Room Fit-Out Solutions


The concept of comfort for all is individual. For someone, it is enough to plunge into a quiet atmosphere of relaxation with a neutral fit-out and decoration, for others — accents are needed — both in the interior fit-out and the surrounding space. A variety of design solutions in the project of the living room in modern style from Luxury Antonovich Design allows choosing options for absolutely any person — both active and preferring home comfort. Modern building and fit-out materials with rich capabilities significantly expand your understanding of convenience, comfort and style.

Modern living room furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is distinguished by its practicality and functionality. The sofa is the central element of the living room. Our designers have chosen a transformable model of delicate blue upholstery that fits perfectly into the interior. The sitting area is also complemented by an amazing original coffee table with a mirrored surface.

For the walls fit-out experienced designers of Luxury Antonovich Design chose discreet solutions, without intricate ornaments and complex patterns. An optimal modern version was selected — marble slabs of light almost white colors with moldings. Additionally, the walls were trimmed with glass partitions with a geometric pattern to visually expand the space and zone the sitting area. The shade that was used for walls fit-out brings harmony to the decor, takes into account the location of the room relative to the horizon, matches the color of the furniture and satisfies the individual preferences of the residents.


When choosing a floor covering for the living room fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design, our designers preferred a light, almost mirror-colored marble fit-out, separating the sofa zone with a royal dark blue decorative marble carpet, since it most closely matches the spirit of modern trends. This material is environmentally safe and can last for many years. The strong color contrast of the dark flooring and light walls fit-out effectively distinguishes the sitting area.

The original design solution was involved — window openings are expanded and large glass is installed. As a result, a lot of daylight streams into the living room, which favorably emphasizes the fit-out and every detail of modern furnishing. Our designers decided to abandon the thick curtains with decorations, and made a choice in favor of light translucent silk curtains of azure color. The modern style of two-level ceiling fit-out of the living room with decorative panels strikes with original beauty due to its versatility and compliance with fashion trends. It is decorated with designer metal and glass pendant lamps.

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