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Modern Gypsum Ceiling Decoration


Suspended, stretch, mirror and even fabric — the number of technologies and materials for the decoration of the ceiling vaults in the construction company Luxury Antonovich Design today is simply huge. The choice of a suitable solution for the ceiling fit-out is determined by the style of the interior, the choice of fit-out materials, the characteristics of the room (ceiling height), as well as personal preferences of the customer, architect and designer.

Katrina Antonovich - Talented Interior Designer

Gypsum fit-out of the ceilings have long occupied their niche in the field of design and construction. Gypsum ceiling, made by talented Luxury Antonovich Design masters, is an excellent opportunity to effectively decorate the interior of any room and place. There are various types of them and each has its own purpose. Can be used, both in public spaces, and in private houses and apartments. Ceilings of this type are used to create amazing modern interiors, original in shape and unique in their essence.


Gypsum ceiling fit-out is an independent part of the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design, which as well as furniture selection and wall and floor fit-out is not inferior to the originality of the design. Fitting into the overall style of the room, it richly complements the overall design picture. There are several types of gypsum ceiling structures — from single-level to two or multi-level systems. Fantasy forms of gypsum ceiling structures made in three levels or more harmoniously complement any room and look extremely luxurious in it. They create a sense of volume and spatial depth, and also allow to zone a room space.

Drawings and patterns of gypsum ceilings conquer their unique beauty. Modern patterned gypsum ceilings look extremely attractive and help to avoid monotony and static in the living room or any other room. Gypsum fit-out of the ceiling allows to embody a lot of modern design ideas that are harmoniously combined with the interior of any orientation. Unusual floral and abstract geometric forms that do not have a specific configuration, form a distinctive design and contribute to the aesthetic transformation of the entire space.

The main advantages of gypsum ceilings include by Luxury Antonovich Design are:

— environmental friendliness. Gypsum is a natural material that is not harmful to health;

— moisture resistance that allows to establish them in bathrooms and toilets;

— light reflection, which exceeds 80%, which allows to do without additional lighting in the daytime;

— high sound insulation;

— decorative, giving the opportunity to implement various amazing design projects;

— fire resistance;

— quick installation.

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