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Modern Elevator That Blends Harmoniously Into Interior


Eye-catching patterns. A decoration that accentuates the interior of your building. Lighting that creates a unique atmosphere. Combinations of materials that inspire and delight. Add emotions to your elevator with Luxury Antonovich Design collection.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Modern Elevator Design For your Home And Office

A well-designed elevator can have a huge impact on the emotions of the people in your building. Whether it is a residential building, hotel, shopping or office center — in any of these buildings the presence of a comfortable and cozy elevator will have the best effect on the image of the building itself and its owner.

— A cozy elevator installed in a residential building will positively affect the mood of residents. Such an elevator must combine sophisticated design with practicality and functionality.

— In hotels and commercial buildings, the elevator, unique in its design and convenient in operation, will be remembered by guests and visitors for a long time.

— In commercial buildings, such as business centers, visually impressive and highly reliable elevator is an important factor for both current and potential tenants.


The new Luxury Antonovich Design collection is a variety of elevator car interiors created by our professional design team. Choose one of the finished interiors of one of our design series, or create your own unique elevator design for your home or office, combining various materials, colors, finishes and accessories.

Light design, which combines simple but effective color combinations with classic materials, creates a calm and functional cabin interior. Modern and sleek elevator design from Luxury Antonovich Design combines painted steel with durable flooring materials, modern, pleasant lighting, and convenient alarms. The result is a series of design solutions that add freshness to your building.

The wealth of patterns and textures combined with elegant contrasts is the design of the elevator, where the past and present meet, creating exceptional interiors. Polished stainless steel, wooden laminate or glass of different colors with a pattern create special, luxurious interiors. These exclusive design solutions revive the tradition of luxury in upscale hotels, residential buildings and office centers. Our elevator collection is the result of many years of research in the field of design. Constantly studying the latest trends in architecture, design and technology, a team of professionals in the field of design Luxury Antonovich Design has created a diverse collection of interiors that can satisfy the most demanding tastes and are flexible enough for use in various buildings. The unique textures and finishing materials that we offer are designed specifically for the collection of elevators from our craftsmen.

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