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Modern Designer Lamps And Light Fixtures


Properly selected lamps are able to revive and decorate any room. Their main purpose — to highlight housing — has been expanded by our designers, and they suggest using chandeliers lamps as bright accents. The most fashionable lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design embody all the ideas about the perfect lamp.

Katrina Antonovich - Amazing Interior Designer

Modern decorative lamps and chandeliers from Luxury Antonovich Design make any room brighter and more beautiful. A well-chosen light source not only serves its intended purpose, but also becomes an original element of decor. Made from high-quality materials, our original lighting attributes will last for many years, and will certainly delight our customers.

Our company represents a large range of modern lighting fixtures, among which you will definitely find something to your taste:

  • Chandeliers — ceiling and pendant, equipped with shades, candles or lampshades, made in classic, modern and hi-tech style. 
  • Pendant lamps — LED, fluorescent. They are presented in unusual forms: square, spherical and conical. 
  • Ceiling lamps are universal models for rooms with low ceilings. They are creative design solutions, and do not lose at all to classical chandeliers. 
  • Table lamps — indispensable attributes on the table in the office. 
  • Floor lamps — differ in original forms, clarity and severity of lines, the presence of telescopic legs and design in various shades of colors. 


Fashion trends in the design of modern lamps by Luxury Antonovich Design:

Original form.

This is a trend for fans of unobvious design decisions. Exclusive author's design table lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design remind works of modern art — they are curved, made from original materials. They add luxury to space, blend seamlessly with furniture and add elegance and style.

Copper and gold.

Lamps in shades of copper and gold will be an incredible element of interior decor in any room. They can be made in modern style. Choosing classic lamps, preference is given to models with a gold, copper, brass or bronze base. The glossy metal surface makes the design of the lamp more refined and stylish. But it is worth remembering, a gold or copper lamp should be used only as an accent.

Geometry in simple lines.

Interior designers of the company prefer geometry — simple and fashionable. Nowadays, simple shapes and minimalist modern designer lamps are popular. A large luminaire with simple design lines adds character and elegance to an eclectic living room with a bold color design.

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