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Modern Bed Headboard Design


The quality of sleep is directly proportional to our well-being, mood and performance. In addition to emotional factors, restful sleep is influenced by the correct comfortable sleeping place. In the list of options for products for sleeping, the leading positions are occupied by beds with a soft headboard: modern, comfortable and practical.

The soft bed is the desired interior element in the house and a favorite of unique design from Luxury Antonovich Design. And this is explained by the fact that people strive to have safe and aesthetic furniture in the house, which is equipped with soft headboards, different in height and in materials of manufacture, and a stylistic decision. The headboards can be made of genuine leather, as well as of exquisite expensive fabrics.

The luxurious range of furniture products with soft headboard is represented by Luxury Antonovich Design Company, which has a collection of models from reliable manufacturers. A bed with a soft headboard will harmoniously fit into any bedroom interior. It will not only fulfill the primary function — ensuring a comfortable rest, but also decorate the bedroom, in view of the presence of bright details — the headboard.


Custom Luxury Antonovich Design headboard is an easy and effective method to decorate your bed. The headboard is its basis, the main element to which we pay attention. The head of the bed is responsible for the beauty and style, as well as a feeling of comfort. What should be the height of the headboard, depends on your taste and individual preferences. The classical carriage brace capitone of the bed with a soft headboard gives it a unique beauty and luxury. Whatever the length and width of the bed, it will still look gorgeous, because it is crowned with a soft headboard, giving the owners maximum comfort.

In our company Luxury Antonovich Design you can order a soft headboard made of various materials:

— genuine leather. Such a headboard for a custom-made bed will look luxurious in any interior. In addition, it is a practical solution, featuring high hygienic and aesthetic characteristics;

— fabrics. Such a soft back can be made in the form of individual pillows or a solid headboard. The materials used are high-quality dustproof durable fabrics in a wide variety of color shades.

The soft headboard from Luxury Antonovich Design can have any shape. Rectangular backs are strict and restrained, suitable for almost any style of interior. Oval options will luxuriously look in the interiors in classic style, neoclassic or baroque. You can choose a headboard in width that matches or exceeds the size of the bed. The accessory can be fastened to the wall with special clamps or made as a hinged backrest.

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