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Metal Chandeliers — A Worthy Novelty In Interior Design


Nowadays, any room needs lighting. And among all the many fixtures, a special place is occupied by chandeliers. They are very beautiful and can provide enough light for even large rooms. And the variety of forms allows anyone to choose the right option. Luxury Antonovich Design presents a new modern design of metal chandeliers. This material is very durable and reliable. A chandelier with such a base will serve for a really long time keeping its beautiful appearance.

Katrina Antonovich - Top Chandelier Designer In Dubai

Brass, steel, copper or aluminum are mainly the basis for the manufacture of metal chandeliers and lamps presented in our showroom. There are forged (hand forged) and cast (sheet production stamping). In the skilled hands of our craftsmen, metal turns into stems and leaves of an amazing shining bouquet, strict illumination designs and bizarre lighting structures.


Metal chandeliers made of brass and steel by Luxury Antonovich Design are well suited to create a certain style in interior. They complement and create the right atmosphere. This material is indispensable for the base and is often used for shades or decor elements. A metal lamp is a reliable assistant and a huge field for the implementation of designers' ideas. The wear-resistant and plastic material in processing has an interesting texture, and the natural luster of the surface harmoniously fits into a room decorated in almost any style. Our catalog presents various models — strict and elegant, concise and luxurious, large-scale and compact — there are plenty to choose from.

A luxurious metal ceiling chandelier will become a worthy decoration of the classic interior. The surface covered with gold or silver harmoniously combines with valuable woods, refined textiles. Such models are often decorated with forging elements, stylized candles.

The atmosphere of chic is also characteristic of rooms in the Art Deco style. Original metal chandeliers decorated with inlay, contrasting patterns, elements with motifs of ancient cultures have every chance to become the main accent of the room. Modern design loves experimentation, so it uses a variety of materials. For this style, a combination of metal and glass is characteristic, including in lighting fixtures. Modern solutions have various shapes and colors, and their tendency to conciseness unites them.

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