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Medical Clinic Fit-Out


The place where the medical clinic is located corresponds to various parameters — architectural features of the building, and interior design. At the same time, interior fit-out is suitable for both people and functionally complex medical equipment. Redevelopment and interior fit-out of the premises of a medical clinic requires special knowledge and practical skills. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design has been engaged in the renovation and fit-out works of private hospitals, clinics and dental offices for more than 10 years, so we are ready to offer our customers a professional turnkey renovation and fit-out of the highest quality.

To create a design project of a private clinic, our architects and designers conduct work in several stages:

— Development of a general concept of the object, which corresponds to the business plan, portrait of the average client and the corporate identity of the clinic.

— Development of design solutions, taking into account the peculiarities of the medical clinic, in which attention is paid to its layout, taking into account ergonomics and assigned tasks, elaboration of lighting, calculation of the load on communications.

— Purchase and supply of construction and fit-out materials, the order of specialized furniture and equipment.

— Construction, renovation and interior fit-out works, after which the final cleaning of the room is made.

— Installation of medical equipment and competent furniture placement.


In this project of the commercial fit-out, Luxury Antonovich Design Company presented a cozy and interesting interior design for the clinic, which our designers embodied in the design of the space. They created a clean, calm, simple and comfortable universe and applied this composition in furniture design presented by calm cream shades of velvet arm-chairs with cushions and other design solutions.

Lighting in different departments of the clinic by Luxury Antonovich Design complies with the standards that were provided for them. During the selection of fit-out, colors and furniture, our designers take into account the features of the visitors. The clinic is focused on clients, therefore, the fit-out of medical clinics should be chosen for the patient.

The interior was decorated by Luxury Antonovich Design mainly in white color, and it was used for fit-out elements: lacquered surfaces, laminated panels, white marble slabs with elegant gray patterns. The walls and floor are decorated in light colors. It was decided to decorate the ceiling in several levels, and install white wooden panels on it, to which white lighting sources were attached in the form of original round futuristic chandeliers. Glass doors and walls were added to the interior. The smooth and soft partition divides the space into two zones: the reception hall and the treatment rooms and offices.

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