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Marble Furniture Design: Extraordinary, Creativity And Experimentation


Sometimes you want to bring some variety into the interior and purchase furniture from non-standard materials, in a way it remains at the same time comfortable. How to stand out from the faceless and monotonous pieces of furniture? Lightness, elegance, nobility — marble furniture evokes such associations. Natural stone creates an atmosphere of comfort and a unique interior space. Such furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly harmonizes with marble surfaces and stairs, decor elements — sculptures, vases.

Katrina Antonovich And Designer Furniture With Marble

For the manufacture of exclusive furniture our company uses natural stone, which will emphasize the elegance and beauty of any room. Marble furniture has a wide range of styles, colors and designs. Thanks to the use of natural stone, marble furniture not only looks stylish, but is also distinguished by its durability and resistance to any conditions. Such furniture always remains in fashion.

The pattern of natural stone is special, it never repeats. Natural materials are usually used for production of:

— counter tops, sinks for kitchen and bathroom;

— chairs, dressers, banquettes;

— racks for bars, tables;

— coffee tables;

— chandeliers and table lamps.


Dining marble tables, chairs, benches, marble counter tops make up the bulk of the marble furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design, which is used to decorate various rooms. You can also find other types of marble furniture in interior: vases, marble sculpture, statues and others. Such furniture can be made of solid marble.

Since marble furniture is not only elegant, but also modern, it is a pleasure to have it in your home. The beauty of marble furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design will be appreciated by your guests, who will gladly spend the evening at your marble table or have a cup of coffee at your marble bar counter. In the process of developing marble furniture, the smallest details are taken into account and any existing styles are used.

Natural stone helps to make a homely atmosphere noble, rich and unique. Furniture and things made of stone can be a great gift for loved ones. It is only important to take into account that they are combined with the rest of the arrangement in the house. Marble furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is distinguished by its conciseness and modern style, which is uniquely combined with classic accents in a unique way. Particular attention is attracted to the finishing details, which emphasize the status of luxury and give the touch of gloss to furniture.

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