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Marble Flooring Design And Fit-out


Natural stone is a completely unique material with excellent decorative characteristics, which has been used since ancient times, not only for the construction of houses and the manufacture of various structures. A panel made of marble is an element of the floor fit-out, a picture, placed on a separate are (floor, walls). This picture is an original decoration and fit-out of any interior from Luxury Antonovich Design. Marble panels are distinguished by sophistication and refinement. It fits into any interior, it can be done when facing surfaces in residential and commercial premises.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Floor Designer

Many of our marble products (rosette of marble, vector graphics, fancy baroque monograms and ethnic ornaments) consist of tens of thousands of parts, which are folded manually by experienced craftsmen into tens of square meters of beautifully inlaid floors. Each panel must be checked by the designer before gluing in the factory. Each detail is selected by shade, the direction of the picture to achieve the maximum artistic effect.


By color stone works of art are divided into:

— color;

— monochrome.

For its creation, the best designers of Luxury Antonovich Design are attracted, who can fully realize the creative potential of thousands of semitones and shades of properly processed, high-quality polished marble rock. We use only the highest quality, soft marble of European and Asian brands. Compositions from this stone are made of the following decorative elements:

  • Round rosette. 
  • Rectangular elements. 
  • Square fragments. 
  • Asymmetrical decor. 

Marble fit-out in the interior has several advantages:

— The panel looks spectacular, aristocratic and bright.

— Marble paintings do not fade when exposed to sunlight, are not afraid of detergents, resistant to abrasion.

— Panels are universal. They can be laid out on a vertical, horizontal, sloping base.

— Marble decorative fit-out is not just an interior decoration. Mosaic panels create original effects. They can visually expand the space, zone it, emphasize architectural elements.

Due to the high level of technical equipment of production Luxury Antonovich Design Company can make for you a panel of marble according to an individual sketch. Our equipment allows us to use seamless cutting technology in our work, while most other manufacturing companies carry out cuts with stitches.

In modern interiors and architecture, we use hydro-abrasive technology (waterjet cutting). Artistic waterjet cutting is a pledge of an exclusive and very beautiful interior, a modern method of making panels, carpets, borders, paintings from marble (any natural stone).

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