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Marble Floor Fit-Out For Dining Room


Fit-out products from a natural stone made by Luxury Antonovich Design exist to create the refined noble interiors. Marble panels are relevant for creating unique interior design of villas, country cottages, hotels, banks and other large residences. Natural stone will emphasize the status of residential buildings, whose owners are respectable people who can appreciate quality and exclusivity.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Taleneted Team

Luxury Antonovich Design is a company with many years of experience in creating designer interior decorations made of marble, granite, and onyx. We offer you already developed solutions and unique products that we will create for you personally. You can choose a marble panel, based on your own preferences and tastes. And our professional experts will find an individual approach to everyone.


A panel of natural stone and medallions of marble has ample opportunities for use for interior decoration for dining rooms. Our masters can create it in any style, with all sorts of patterns and color combinations, smooth transitions of tones and mid tones or sharp contrasts. The marble panel from Luxury Antonovich Design can serve as a separate composition or become an element of a complete ensemble of stone in the interior of the dining room, or any other room.

Colored panels made of marble are a limitless flight of fantasy by the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company. A wide palette of shades of natural stone, modern technology (water jet cutting) and the professionalism of the masters allows our personal stone workshop to create masterpiece compositions of marble in the interior of amazing dining rooms.

Water jet is a modern technology of hydroabrasive stone cutting. In fact, this technology was invented by nature itself. Using this technology of cutting stone, Luxury Antonovich Design craftsmen create multi-color decorative panels, rosettes, and carpets. These products can be made from such natural stones: marble, onyx, travertine, granite. Our professionals develop exclusive design solutions for creating marble panels for the interior of dining rooms. We will take into account your idea of the best product, interior features and the size of your room.

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