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Marble Fit-Out For Elegant Bathroom


The bathroom renovation and fit-out must be approached seriously and responsibly. After all, this room must meet the highest requirements of hygiene, aesthetics and practicality. Its decoration and fit-out is thought out and provide for the functional placement of all design furniture, sanitary equipment and household appliances.

Stages of bathroom fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design:

1. Development of a project plan.

2. Dismantling of plumbing and old fit-out material.

3. Surface preparation of the base. The surface is leveled, large cracks and chips are removed, a cement floor screed is used and walls are reinforced.

4. Replacement of communication systems.

5. Final fit-out works. Installation of marble tiles (from walls to floor), installation of appliances and plumbing elements, installation of furniture and related decorative items.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides services for the renovation and fit-out of bathrooms of any complexity, which includes the creation of the author's design project, the selection of luxury materials, ultramodern furniture, sanitary ware and the use of creative architectural solutions. A team of qualified professionals ideally performs the fit-out works of the bathroom. Experienced designers, craftsmen, plumbers and electricians are happy to turn any customer's wishes into reality.


The spaciousness and ease of perception of the interior, the organic and good quality of fit-out materials, the calmness and coziness of the atmosphere are the main features of the modern bathroom design from Luxury Antonovich Design. Marble is that material that reflects the eternal values and true quality. This is a natural stone that fits into the current tendency to return to environmentally friendly materials and natural colors.

Due to the plasticity of marble, it does not crumble, does not break, which allowed our designers to create products of figured form and fine work. That is why in this project it was used not only for fit-out of large surfaces of floors and walls, but also for elegant countertops and shelves.

Bathroom design made with marble in beige tones from Luxury Antonovich Design is a universal option, which allowed to visually expand the space, get a winning background for bright accessories, take advantage of the huge palette of various shades of this rich color and get the interior that suits the most demanding taste.

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